He Finally Gets Its

I think it is so imperative that we talk to our kids and our significant other about the importance of saving money and why I coupon.  Corporations and wealthy individuals save money just as we do but on a larger scale.  We use glitches and other couponing loopholes to save money, the wealthy use tax write-offs loopholes to save money.  When the wealthy buy a car, they buy it under the corporation, thereby, essentially getting a nice and expensive car for free.  The rich keep getting richer because they understand the monetary system.

For example, when you see someone famous like Justin Beiber driving the latest beautiful new car, it’s Justin’s company that bought the car and paid for the insurance which is all tax deductible.  He drives it for a year or two and then sells it back to the dealer.  The company has amortized the car’s value, maintenance, gas mileage, etc. and he’s basically paid pennies on the dollar for a fancy car.

It’s the reason why I will take advantage of a glitch, if I am able to do so.  These companies just write it off on their taxes and keep in mind that these companies are getting bigger and bigger and richer and richer.

So, I was talking to my son the other day and I asked did he understand why I do couponing.  To my absolute surprise, Kevin was like “yeah, I get it.  You coupon to save money and so you don’t have debt.”

My mouth dropped opened and I almost fell over.  I was stunned.  I was flabbergasted because he has actually been listening to what I have been saying.

Even when we don’t think our kids are listening, they are always listening.  We cannot expect other people to educate our kids because that’s our job.


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  • tina November 15, 2017, 22:30

    Good for you, Roz! You’ve done something right, apparently.