Herbal Essences Rebate is Gone

All of the Herbal Essences rebates have disappeared on the Ibotta app and it’s probably because the manufacturer was paying us to take their product out of the store (the very best kind of deals).


  • Nick January 21, 2019, 09:33

    Thank you. I always advise others to recheck offers right before shopping at the store since this is not the first time I’ve seen offer “pulled”. It’s especially important with Checkout 51, as these frequently become “0 available” as fast as you can blink.

  • Ms. B. January 21, 2019, 12:12

    Nick, I didn’t want anyone running to Walgreens to do deal based on the time they thought they had left to submit their receipt. Yes, CO51 can be bad because they will zero out a rebate as you soon as you have paid for an item even though you checked for the availability of the rebate while you are in the store. It has happened to me.

    • Nick January 21, 2019, 14:22

      Because of your website I think we all do amazingly well! It’s not going to be 100% since apparently even Ibotta can pull a fast one. But overall we save a lot and get great bargains. And just to emphasize the point… after I recently left CVS I noticed a receipt outside sticking out of the garbage can. Someone had thrown away a $5 and a $4 Extracare reward. I actually took the receipt back into the store and gave it to the cashier in case the customer returned. And then she simply smiled and said “It happens all the time”.

      • Ms. B. January 21, 2019, 20:46

        Nick, part of the problem with store rewards is that the employees are poorly trained on the rewards. Even the managers do not tell you of the benefits of shopping at their store. I tried to explain this on a CVS survey a couple months ago, a manager from my store sent me an email but the tone of the email was not a “I want to understand your concerns” so I deleted his email. Some actually want to do things better while others…not so much!