House hunting…

House hunting or rather condo hunting has become very frustrating for me. The investors are out on the street buying up properties once again, thereby, driving up the prices of condos. And besides that, I want a condo w/2 bedrooms AND 2 bathrooms and be in the North Park area…those are my must-haves. The realtor has been sending me listings for two bedroom/one bath. I need to two bathrooms b/c all of my relatives are from out-of-town, I am orginally from Northern Cal.
I know I need to be patient and wait for the perfect place for me. But it’s still frustrating. But I’m not going to budge on my 2 bedrooms AND 2 bathrooms requirements or living in the North Park area. North Park is very close to my job and I like the fact that it’s a culturally diverse neighborhood. It’s not a fancy neighborhood but it’s a “Working Man’s” neighborhood.
I will find a place that fits my wants and needs!