How Did I Run Out of Deodorant?

So, the week before last, I was literally, scrapping my under arms with the last bits of my deodorant because I had no more female deodorant in my home.  As couponers, we get lots of opportunities to get FREE male deodorant but it’s kind of rare to get the female deodorant for FREE.  After work, I had to stop by Walmart and I picked a Suave deodorant for only $0.97.

Thankfully, last week, I was able to pick up 4 FREE Lady Speed Stick deodorants on my CVS trip.

At one time, I had an overabundance of women’s deodorant and I think I got a little carried away in giving away my deodorant until I had none.

I know the next time that I find myself with too much to check my stockpile before I give it away!