I had used my Extra Bucks for the Gold Peak tea and on Sunday, I had zero Extra Bucks to used, however, I had bought the Eclipse gum on my trip to CVS and I received a $0.99 Extra Bucks.  I recently, looked at my CVS account and low and behold, I have a $2 Extra Bucks for Coca Cola.

What’s interesting is that previously, I needed to make like 4 or 5 more purchases for the Coca Cola promotion (the pic you see above is from my other account) and some how my purchases of Gold Peak ice tea counted towards the promotion!

The point of this post is do not be afraid to spend down your stores rewards to zero because you can always get back into any store rewards by doing another deal.  As you see, I did a low out of pocket deal to get me back started at CVS.  I typically do not need allot of Extra Bucks, if I had around $10 or $12 Extra Bucks, I’m good because I am usually paying with coupons and Extra Bucks to my items for free or nearly free!