How to do Rite Aid in store Pickup

This morning, I posted about the FREE + MM RA Battery Deal and you really need to do your order online for store pick up (if the option is available to you) to lock in the battery price of $1.99. If you don’t see the option for pick up, your store may not have the batteries and you may need to change stores OR your area may not be offering store pick up.

As soon as I entered the words “Rite Aid Alkaline” in the search bar, I have the offer for free pick up.

Keep in mind that I am in the city of San Diego, in the mid-town area AND back in the day, this particular store was a “test store”.

I still remember when the Rite Aid ad used to come out on Fridays!!!🤣


  • Nick October 31, 2021, 10:53

    Sorry to go off topic, but Wifey got all excited this morning because she finally saw the Panda Express offer in her PayPal account! Everyone should check their offers, I redeemed it from my account a few weeks ago and it was smooth sailing. Spend $10+, you’ll get a $10 credit within a few days which you can then transfer to your bank account just like Ibotta.

  • denise October 31, 2021, 14:52

    I had that Vons free digital coupon for the Alpha Food Burrito. I noticed they had a BOGO coupon for it on door in the freezer section in the coupon machine. Got 2 for free and I got $2 from Ibotta!

    • denise October 31, 2021, 15:00

      I also got a 50 cent bonus.

  • NJ November 3, 2021, 09:15

    Online order/instore pickup… update. Ordered RA batteries, online showed getting $8 BC, after pickup, I got 10BC, so the glitch is working for instore pickup. At pickup, the receipt in the bag wouldn’t scan with register scanner so Mgr came over and used a hand held scanner to scan the bar code on receipt, worked just fine. $4.29 was total charge on credit card ( 1.99 and 2.29 plus tax/bag fee) so the RASave20 must have worked. Haven’t heard yet if glitch is still working today.