How to Find Items at Your Nearest CVS

While I am out and about and I want to find the nearest CVS stores that carry the CVS App Freebies, I used the CVS app to find my nearest store that carry the item because I don’t want to waste my time going to a CVS store that is out of stock!

First, I want to go to the app to activate the freebie and then I click “Shop this Deal“.

Then I scroll down until I see a list of the products that coincide with the coupon and then I click on the title of the product, in this case, “CVS Health Triple Antibiotic & Palin Relief Maximum Strength Ointment , 5 OZ.

At the top, it says “Check store availability at: El Cajon Blvd” (you can change the store, if you are not near your home store but you got to go back through the steps but it’s quick.).

You click “Check store availability” and the app will tell you if there is stock available.

The app has been spot on in telling me if stock is available, at least for the freebies. I’ve done this in the mornings, midday and in the evenings and I’ve not had any problems finding the freebies (but I may have problems now finding what I want now that I’ve told how to find them!)