How to Get Rid of Those Facebooks Apps…

Geez Louise, I use to check out my Facebook acct to keep up with family and friends.  And then companies started offering freebies and coupons through their Facebook acct and I would hit “like”.

Once you hit “like” these companies are constantly putting stuff on MY wall and I hated it. 

How the heck am I suppose to know what’s going on with my cousins with all the mindless stuff on my wall from these companies?

You basically go to your Facebook acct and do the following: (I’ll use Pepsi as an example)

1.  You see Pepsi made a comment on your Wall.  Click “Pepsi” and it’ll take you to the Pepsi page.

2.  Scroll down on the left hand side and look the words “UNLIKE” and click it.

3.  You should no messages on your Wall from Pepsi!  But you can go back and like them again, if you want to get a coupon or a freebies.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have gotten rid of all those crazy Facebook Apps (or applications).  Do the following:

1.  At the top of your account, click “ACCOUNT” and “APPLICATION SETTINGS”.

2.  All the apps with an “X” just click on them and this will delete the apps that these companies and friends for that matter have bestowed upon you!

You now should be able to visit your Facebook page and read latest and greatest from friends and family without seeing a bunch of junk! LOL