Hurry & Get the Vons/Albertsons Freebies

Today, while I was at Vons getting the freebies, the cashier pointed out to me that I had mistakenly grabbed the Oroweat Organic Muffins instead of the FREE Oroweat Organic Bagels 13 oz and I said to the cashier that I’d come back on Saturday to get the bagels.

The cashier said that she’d picked up the freebies prior to her shift and she highly recommended that I immediately go get the bagels because she didn’t think that they were going to be restocking the freebies as it’s a While Supplies Last situation and No Rainchecks.

I ran back to the bread aisle and the guy in front of me grabbed the last of the free bagels. 🙁

No problem, because there’s another Vons less than a mile away and that particular Vons had a ton of the FREE Oroweat Organic Bagels 13 oz.

Keep in mind that the first store may not be as customer friendly as other stores and did not order enough of the freebies to satisfy customer demand.  Also, other Vons/Albertsons stores may give you a Raincheck, if you ask, it always depends on how customer friendly management is in a particular store.

I’d recommend get to Vons or Albertsons sooner rather than later if you want the freebies.


  • Nick November 24, 2018, 10:33

    My store was already out of 2 free items. The supervisor was happy to substitute items of similar value (I.e. English muffins for the bagels) and/or write rain checks if you wanted the exact item.

    • Ms. B. November 24, 2018, 12:13

      OMG, Nick, you have a really, really great store and I’m glad you were able to get substitutions/rainchecks! 🙂

      • Nick November 24, 2018, 12:37

        I’ve built good relationships with supervisors by personal mentioning them in surveys regarding store experiences. I am the first to speak up if I’m not treated fairly. So, it’s equally important to reward good service since corporate pays close attention to surveys and puts the corresponding feedback in the employee’s file. It’s not necessarily to “get” anything. But in borderline calls it can give you the benefit of the doubt and best possible service, as it did in this case.

        • Ms. B. November 24, 2018, 16:43

          Nick, I think that my regular Vons store is a manager training store because they are here today and gone tomorrow. You are on the money in that us as customers must provide more feedback – the good, bad and ugly. About four years ago, they had a fantastic people oriented manager. He would literally get on the overhead micorphone and sing to the customers and tell us that there was sell on X, Y and Z and why we should be buying that hot item…I’d wished that I had given him kudos before he left.