Today at Walgreens I picked 6 items for $4.46 including taxes! And they ain’t candy bars. The personnel that work at the Walgreens near my job are wonderful, helpful and jovial.

Today’s Walgreens transaction: (RR=Register Rewards)

I bought:

$5 Neosporin
$5 Bandaids (2/$5)
$1 Mini-massager (normally $10.99 but on clearance for $.50 so I bought 2)

Total: $11

Coupons/RR’s Used:

$4.50RR Colgate White Visible
$1 Neosporin Coupon
$1 Bandaids Coupon
$1 Bandaids Coupon
Total: $7

Grand Total out-of-pocket: $4.46 including $.96 tax

Received: $4 RR Bandaid/Neosporin

If I calculate in the $4 RR I received…than my real out-of-pocket expense is just $.46 cents. For example, Neosporin is regularly $6.99 but with all that I bought at Walgreens…5 items including the Neosporin…it’s like I got each item at $1.12 a piece including taxes…5/$4.46=$1.12 each. That’s a helluva deal and saves me money. So, when someone in my family gets a scratch, bite or little knick…I don’t have to run to the drugstore to buy it because I have it now in my stash. I got the little mini-massager has X-mas gifts…they are about the size of a large grapefruit…at just $.50 each.

A very money saving day!