Every since February when I got the news that I had really high blood pressure, I’ve been on a get well journey and part of my get well journey is doing research.  High blood pressure is not a hereditary disease, it is a lifestyle disease and if you have high blood pressure, you also tend to have high cholesterol, too.

It is has been so important for me to incorporate a physical activity like walking as part of my daily routine.  Walking and while listening to jazz music relaxes me but about a couple of weeks after I retired, last year, I ran into a coyote and I stopped my daily walks altogether.  It wasn’t until I met with a doctor after a follow up visit to the emergency room and the doctor was like we thought you had a blood clot your blood pressure was high so had to run all those other tests on you.  I got back to my daily walks!

In June, I also made some changes in my cooking and eating.  In the mornings, I would have my coffee with Coffee-Mate creamer along with oatmeal or cereal and a yogurt.  Then I’d eat a boiled egg after my walk but with Intermittent Fasting, I don’t need the breakfast and I drinking my coffee black wasn’t a problem for me.  Typically, I only eat between 12 noon to 8 p.m.  However, when my friend came to town, we had breakfast at one of our favorite places after we’d went walking.  I ate waffles with butter syrup, bacon and coffee with cream and sugar.  I weighed myself the next day and I’d not gain a pound.

I weigh myself every day because it keeps me accountable to myself.

I have cut the carbs like bread, toast, grill cheese sandwich, rice, potatoes, gravy, chips, cookies, etc.  Normally, I make the same thing everyday for lunch and that’s an omelette with lots of spinach, mushrooms, sweet peppers, cheese and some kind of meat.

I haven’t completely cut carbs I have eaten 2 pieces of toasts in June and when I say two pieces of toast I actually mean I ate one piece of toast at one meal and another piece of toast at another meal.  I have been experimenting to see if I eat these roasted carrots will my weight fluctuate and by how much.  Carrots and corn are high in sugar.  I’ve not eaten any fruits.

Anyways, I did loose 7 pounds in June.

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  • Meryl July 5, 2019, 20:03

    Great job Roz! I’m trying to really watch my sodium too!