I gonna try work some deals today…

Oh Lawd, it’s gonna be a busy day for me today! Number one, my office is always crazy busy on Mondays and my realtor wants me to see a place. But at around 9 o’clock, I plan to take my break and run over to CVS and buy just one Vitamin Water to see if it does produce an Extra Buck.

Then at lunchtime, I gonna run over to Walgreens and buy my $10 worth of Kellogg’s. My neighbors will really be giving me “the side-eye” when they see me carrying all my packages when I get home from work! LOL.

Affter work, I plan to drive straight to Albertsons and work that buy certain items for $30 and get $15 catalinas. I thought about it and I am gonna buy one extra item as a filler b/c I don’t know how Albertsons does it’s pricing since I am not regular Albertsons shopper.

That’s my plan but of course I will need to be flexible b/c even the best made plans can go wrong.

Wish me luck!