I Got My 40,000 Points ($40)!!!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone 🎄!!!

I had another busy weekend, on Saturday, I left home about 9 a.m. to run some errands and around 10:30ish, I started my car to go some place else and my dashboard had warning lights come on for my brakes and low tire pressure…ugggghhhhh.  I immediately called the BMW dealership because we had just picked up my car, late Friday evening.  They had replaced two tires and changed the brake fluid along with repairing the three recall items.  My maintenance specialist thought that the sensors probably need to be reset since the car had been on the computer and no red flags came up for those items. I’m taking my car into the dealership, this morning, for them to reset the sensors.

On Sunday, around 4 or 5 p.m., a full blown fire broke out, a block from my street and there were six fire trucks (that I could see) and four police cars with helicopters flying overhead.  We did have a full moon over the weekend so we had a bunch of craziness happen, this weekend.

Anyways, with everything that was going on, this weekend, I had almost forgotten about doing the $34 Money Maker Hulu deal which I did late evening on Sunday.

I signed up for Hulu through SwagBucks and I used my PayPal debit card to pay the $5.99. I went back to my SwagBucks account and my 4,000 SB points ($40) was already in my account!!!

Last night, I ordered a $25 and $50 PayPal gift cards and SwagBucks is super fast because this morning, I received the gift cards!!  It’s really all thanks to a reader, named Meryl.

Years ago, I did a Sephora deal using SwagBucks but I didn’t understand the concept that you do X to earn points and once you accumulate enough SB points, you request a gift card.

Meryl talked me down off the ledge by explaining how SwagBucks works and doing Money Making SwagBucks deals every since.

I also added to my yahoo calendar, a reminder for when I am to cancel Hulu.

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  • Meryl Betz December 24, 2018, 14:39

    Awww, I’m so glad! And now I forgot to do the darn money maker! 😉 Merry Christmas Roz!