I Got the $7 Smirnoff PayPal Rebate💰

I am absolutely grateful at how the stars and the moon can align to work in your favor because this morning, I looked at my emails and I’d received an email from coupons.com with the title: Rebate for your recent purchase at Vons

As I had said in my previous post that I just happened to buy produce on that particular Vons trip which happened to be those $0.39/lb bananas.

I’m thinking out loud but that I could have purchased one banana and I still could have gotten this rebate because I only bought $1 worth of bananas.

Also, you have have a month after purchase to claim your rebate (see the red arrow).  It’s important that you (1) activate the rebate and (2) look for an email from coupons.com so that you can actually (3) Request Rebate.

Anyways, I’m super grateful to be receiving this $7 and I’ve already for Smirnoff Malt Beverages $15 Rebate w/Purchase of $15.01 . Just keep in mind that the $15 Smirnoff rebate can take up to 8 weeks.

Keep your receipt.