I had a Mercury Retrograde Type of Day

My mom was a big astrology believer until her Alzheimer’s started to really affect her memory.  Recently, I’d just mentioned to my youngest brother that mom used to send me money and astrology related items for my birthday each year.  The planet Mercury goes retrograde, three times a year and you’ll generally find that’s when electronics goes haywire, lots of miscommunications and travel plans are altered.  You can read, Everything You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde. The retrograde officially ended on Sunday but it is said that you must give the planet another 10 days before you are safe from the retrograde. The next retrograde is October 13 – November 3, 2020.

On Sunday, I absolutely got no sleep, I tossed and turned and then turned and tossed and I just couldn’t sleep which meant on Monday, I was dog tired.  I got up early on Monday and at 6 am, I set off to drive the park my morning walk but as soon as I drove a little ways, I knew something was wrong with my car tire and my dashboard was saying there’s a problem with my back left tire. I drove to a gas station and put air in my tire and I continued to the park.

After I finished at the park, I drove back home and there was no tire issues.  I showered and I did some blogging.

I had scheduled for the maintenance people to come to fix the guest toilet and the kitchen sink because in North Park, we constantly have water related problems.

I had also scheduled a hair appointment to get my hair colored at 1:15 pm.  I have let my hair grow super long and with that comes hair that can easily turn into a tangled mess and it’s easier for me to go to a professional to get my color hook up.

I had to answer questions before I could be seen “Do you have COVID19?” “Within the last 14 days have you been around someone that has COVID19?” “Do you understand that you must wear a face mask during your entire visit here?”.  Then the young lady asked me to sanitize my hands. (This was at the JC Penneys hair salon.)

My stylist came out and said “I’m sorry but our water just went out and we need water to do your hair? Can you come back tomorrow at the same time?” I made the appointment to come back on Tuesday.

I then went to the car wash and within 5 minutes at the car wash, I checked Twitter and Governor Newsom announces that all barber’s and hair salons are to be shut down. 😩 UGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had one more stop to make before heading back home. I go back to my car and once again, my tire looks like it’s low.

I use google to find the nearest tire shop which is Discount Tire. I’d never been to a Discount Tire but they offer really good service and it felt like I was at the BMW Service Center. The tire guy let me know that most likely the air hose at the gas station was most likely giving me faulty reading and with my particular year/model car, I get false-positive  dashboard readings I have go to the dealer for them to get rid of those dashboard lights. Discount washed my tires and I was on my way home.

I made it through the Mercury Retrograde!





  • Nick July 14, 2020, 11:46

    Ms. B., I have studied the actions of governors all across the country. My view is that instead of being frustrated at not getting a haircut you should be grateful your health is the top priority. Our relatives in the Southeast are afraid to even go to the store now. The Florida Governor has placed a top priority on the almighty dollar every step of the way. He squeezed very last dollar out of Spring Break instead of discouraging tourism. The kids went absolutely wild. And now, honestly, who reopens Disney World in the middle of a pandemic when ICU beds are running out??? It isn’t safe! We are ALL having to make sacrifices. And I’d much rather have you alive and healthy with lots of frizzy hair than the alternative!

    • Ms. B. July 15, 2020, 08:41

      Nick, Monday was one of those days! Half my family is in FL and the other half is in TX and Mr. Man’s family is in NY. My family has been watching especially close to what’s happening and we are very grateful that no one in our families have caught the COVID19. My oldest aunt at 95 yo which is dad’s eldest sister, she lives in Ft. Lauderdale by herself and she’s feisty as they come and we are thankful she is still with us bc she is still the family matriarch. As hot as FL is during the summertime, I cannot imagine going to Disney World wearing a mask without passing out.