I Have Not Had a Raise in 3 Years

1One of things that I am passionate about is saving money.  I can still remember living hand-to-mouth back in my 20’s.  In the past, I have had my electricity, phone, cell phone and cable turned off for non-payment.  I was making just enough money to get by and when emergencies would come up (car broke down), I would have to steal from Adam to pay Eve.  My life was a mess…but I did learn from my mistakes…eventually.

I consider myself to be truly Blessed.  My family is healthy, I have a good job and I can go to sleep at night not worrying about bills.

On my job, I have not gotten a raise in three years due to our struggling economy.

However, I have been able to absorb all the increases in gas prices, food prices and other commodities due to being a Couponer.

Couponing rocks!  The reason I started my blog was to hold myself accountable and  educate others on how to save money in their everyday life.

You may have notice that I keep squeezing in paper products (toilet paper & paper towels) into my drugstore trips and that is because manufacturers are giving us less product in the packaging but raising the prices which causes consumers to buy the product more often.  I do not think it’s unreasonable to have a six months to a year stockpile of paper products.

Really, couponing helps us not only organize our life, it forces us to be Money Managers.  When we are contemplating a transaction, we first must take inventory of the things, we already have in our stockpile.  We then look at our finances to see if it makes financial sense to move forward with a transaction.  These initial steps makes us aware of our  financial situation.

I do the Money Making deals whether I need them or not, in order to get the items that I need with little out of pocket.  Last weekend, I bought 3 or 4 Scott Bathroom Tissue which has an estimated value of around $30.  I used my store rewards to get the toilet paper, thereby, saving myself $30 in which I can use to put gas in my car.

Yeah, I may not have gotten a raise in 3 years but each year, I save thousands of dollars by couponing smartly and getting the essential things I need for almost nothing.


  • Christine January 21, 2013, 12:01

    You do a great job! This is my go-to blog for Rite Aid. 🙂

  • Kate January 21, 2013, 13:28

    I too feel very blessed to have a great job and be financially secure, but I still coupon every time I shop. Several of my friends belittle my couponing and tell me I don’t need to do it and that I can afford to pay full price. What they don’t understand is that I make a point of regularly donating items I’ve “bought” (often money makers) and that the money I save I put into retirement savings and pay for things like a cruise that I’m taking in March. Couponing is just plain smart, and if you’ve ever read the book Millionaire Next Door you’ll read that even very rich people coupon. Love your blog and check it regularly for the deals that help me save every week.