I learn something new about Walgreens

Yesterday, while wondering around Walgreens looking for coupons on those tear pads, I came across the clearance items. It’s normally at the end of an isle on end cap at the back of the store. I saw Tylenol Extra Strenghth for like $3 on clearance…but I had not brought any Tylenol coupons with me.

I went back to that same Walgreens today with Tylenol coupons in hand and they were already sold out of the clearance Tylenol. However, there was a lady there looking through the clearance and she told me and my co-worker (it was lunchtime) that she came to Walgreens twice a day to look at the clearance items.

My you that before I had started couponing that me and my co-worker went to Walgreens a couple times a week during lunch to pick up different items for the office or home and it never dawn on us to look for clearance items at Walgreens. We saw dollar $igns in each others eyes because of the potential money savings.

Anyways, I bought the following clearance items at Walgreens today:

  • $2 – Walgreens Regular 40 ct tampons
  • $1 – Celestial Tea 20 ct
  • $1 – Glade Warming Lamp
  • $1 – Wow Sandwich Cookies 10 ct
  • $2.49 – Bayer Quick Release Crystals 4 ct


Subtotal: $7.58


I had $1 coupon for Bayer Quick Release Crystals


Subtotal: $6.58 tax $.48


Received $2.50 rr (regisiter reward)

The items on clearance have a BIG RED DOT on the item.

Another savings lesson learned…shopping clearance at Walgreens!