I Lost out on a FREE $2 Extra Bucks😖


Yesterday, on top of it taking me about 7 hours to get a new prescription for an inhaler (that’s a whole other story), I looked at my email notifications on my MacBook Air and I saw that I had 600+ unread emails.  Some how, a lot of my emails weren’t going into my inbox and they sitting out in cyberspace but yesterday they all came into my inbox.  I was receiving some emails but not the bulk of them.

Over the last month, I think we have all been inundated with emails about voting in the election, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I’ve been trying to keep up with deleting those types of emails.

I did feel overwhelming seeing all those emails and as I began to look through them, I saw the CVS and Big Lots emails.  The Big Lot email for the free coffee (no longer available) that was supposed to come Friday came on Tuesday, as well as, the free $2 Extra Bucks came on Thursday but showed up Tuesday.

I was in a real snit about missing out on using the $2 Extra Bucks, I held down the command button and zoomed through and deleted all those 600+ emails.

What a way to start December!


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