I Miss Walking Peacefully by the Water

Prior to the rains of January and February and the CoronaVirus pandemic, Monday thru Friday, I would go to a couple of different parks that have water to walk for exercise and relaxation. In the mornings, at Mission Bay Park, there’d hardly be a sole at the park as you see by the picture above…like no one is walking in front of me.  It was so peaceful there.  I would walk at a minimum about 3 miles a day, it may seem like a lot but really you are walking a mile and half there and a mile and half back to your car.  The most that I walked out there is 8 miles in one day and it just about killed me off!

The last time, I walked at Mission Bay Park was on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2020, when there must have been 20,000 or 30,000 people out there.  Imagine seeing wall to wall people in the people in the picture above, it was pure chaos.  All these people who is no longer working going to the park in groups with dogs, cats, birds, I saw it all.

I think right after St. Patrick’s Day, the government started shutting down the parks because of the huge crowds of people.

I now walk around my neighborhood and it’s the same with throngs of people walking, running, skateboarding, young and old out on the sidewalks.  I never knew my neighborhood had soooooo many dogs until the CoronaVirus shutdown.  I’m guessing that people wasn’t really walking their dogs as they should but now that they are stuck at home, they are walking FeFe and Fido morning, noon and night to get out of their apartment or house.

Then the San Diego mayor had a brilliant idea to use North Park for a beta test to close down certain street to encourage even more people to walk in the neighborhood.  So, the mayor closed down a perfectly good street that by the way has the larger Vons on one end and the Sprouts which is right behind me as I took this picture.

The mayor lives in Point Loma neighborhood and guess what, he’s not trying to slow the traffic in Point Loma and encouraging his neighbors to walk.  He’s a dirty dog.

Hopefully, some day, I’ll be able to walk around the water, again!


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