My mom will be 85 years old on December 14th and she’s been living with Alzheimer’s for at least 15 years and she’s a strong old lady.  She’s never been in a care facility and due to both of brothers and their families, they’ve taken good care of her like she didn’t have the disease.  Mom no longer remembers any of us but she feels comfortable enough to know that whoever these people are that are talking to me make me feel safe and loved.

My middle brother, Johnny, texted me a beautiful picture of mom after they’d completed a walk around their local park in Sacramento.

I decided to use that picture for the Yankee Candle Personalized Candle for Johnny and David, my youngest brother.

The directions are super simple:

1. Select from 4 candle types.

2. Select candle fragrance.

3. Upload picture.

4. Choose a picture border or not.

5. Add the candle to your cart.

It takes takes them 4 – 7 days to create the candle and then ship.  I paid $40 for each candle which includes the taxes and shipping!

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, you might want to check out Yankee Candle Personalized Candle but you must order no later than December 18th for a Christmas delivery date.


  • Jill December 4, 2020, 02:51

    What a sweet idea. My mother is 80 and has just began to show signs of Dementia/ Alzheimers. It is a very sad way to see your parent decline in this way. But she still remembers each of us, but asks for her mother & brother (both have passed) everyday. She loves to look at pictures, especially babies (any). Thanks for the idea, I may get a few with our baby pictures on them.

    • Ms. B. December 4, 2020, 07:08

      Jill, pictures are very, very important to them. Also, they stop remembering their grandchildren quickly but they remember their children but they mostly remember their children as small children not as adults so any childhood pictures of you and your siblings blow up to 8 1/2 by 11 and it will bring comfort to your mom. Always, identify yourself and says “Hi mom, I am Jill, your oldest daughter.” Their memory comes and goes so you must stay consistent.

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