On Monday, I received #3 and #4 of the $5 Prepaid gift card from the Buy $5+ Food Takeout or Delivery get $5 Prepaid Visa Gift Card deal.  As a reader, Shawn, already confirmed, I did submit a grocery receipt and I did receive the $5 gift card.

It took about a week to receive the eGift cards.  This offer ends 05/01/20 and you can submit up to four (4) receipts.

I’ve already converted the gift card into an Amazon gift card.

Thanks, Tammy & Shawn!


  • Trish April 30, 2020, 12:05

    Thank you for mentioning this – I submitted two receipts already, Saturday & Sunday, and haven’t received anything. I thought someone mentioned it would take around 48 hours to receive the virtual.
    I selected one prepaid and one virtual. Does this mean the prepaid will come through the U.S. mail and the virtual will come via email? Thx!

    • Ms. B. April 30, 2020, 13:12

      Trish, I think that now that more people know about the deal that there is a backlog so it’s taking them longer to process the receipts. You’ll receive an email with a link for the virtual and the other will come by USPS.

  • Trish May 1, 2020, 17:01

    Has anyone noticed that the submission form has changed (in the middle of the rebate period)? Now it’s wanting a UPC codes and more.

    • Trish May 1, 2020, 17:45

      Sorry all – spoke too soon. I had typed in ‘mybeerrebate.com’ and it took me to a sight that needed more info (offer # and more). If you click on the link provided above, this won’t happen!

      • Ms. B. May 1, 2020, 18:44

        Okay, I’m glad to hear that it all worked out.

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