Over the weekend, I turned in my Instant Winner 2 Bonus Monopoly Game blue tickets and I had like 10 ticket plus the cashier was kind enough to hand me about 40 blue tickets.

I only needed about 40 points to get to the 200 points for the $15 Fandango Rewards.  This directions were easy to follow and I selected the $15 Visa Rewards eGift Card.

However, as I was scanning the tickets with the Monopoly app, I won a $1 JUST4U Instant Win Prize coupon which automatically goes onto your Vons card.

I also won a $2 JUST4U Instant Win Prize coupon!

Keep in mind that I did as soon as I got the $15 Visa gift card code, I immediately went to my Amazon account and added the Visa number to Amazon as a form of payment and made it my default payment and I turned around and bought a $15 Amazon gift card and sent to myself and then I added the Amazon gift card to my account.


  • Trish April 6, 2020, 15:26

    How are you getting so many tickets? At my Albie’s in La Habra, they look at my receipt and only give me the number printed at the bottom, usually just one or two 🙁

    • Ms. B. April 6, 2020, 19:18

      The cashier gave me and the person before me like a handful of blue tickets. I didn’t ask for extra, they just gave them to us.

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