I was just thinking…

I was just thinking about Maria’s comment about wishing for better doubles in Calif and “… i want a meijer or shop rite in CA lol a Ingles that triples!!!”. Calif is a big state with lots of people that here. I think the reason that stores like Albertsons and Vons do not truly double is b/c the state of Calif is a BIG money maker for them.

For example, the Albertsons that operate in Calif, the stores are a making money “hand over fist” b/c they do not give the double coupons like they offer the folks in Idaho and other Mid-Western states. California is just pure profit for Albertsons. We don’t even get the same sales items as Idaho. I go read A Thrifty Mom post about all of her Albertsons’s deals and look at our Calif Albertsons sales ad…and we don’t even have a quarter of the deals here in Calif.

Come on, Californians, let’s email Albertsons again requesting double coupons inserts in our Calif Albertsons sales ad like they offer in Idaho!

Here’s Albertsons email addy: Click Here

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  • Maria E. Lopez July 22, 2009, 20:30

    i like the way you think! lol :)) they make money here and give discounts to others? so not fair :((

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 22, 2009, 23:53

    Maria, we have to speak up & let retailers know what we want. We should be getting Doubles from Albertsons's, too.