I was thinking…

I was thinking this morning “how to use my $5/$15 Skincare CRT at CVS?” I knew that b/c of CVS’s Beauty Days promo that almost all of their skincare is buy $15 get $5 Extra Bucks.

I already had $3.24 towards the Nivea deal from last week so I’d go for that. I went through my coupons and I had $1 Nivea Lipcare and two $1 Nivea Body Wash.

My coworker was game to go with me to build back up my Extra Bucks. She felt bad that I lost my EBs and she had also benefitted from my plotting and planning deals.

Everything went according to plan…sorta. The Nivea lipcare was out b/c they were out of stock at the Pt Loma store. So, I switched my plan to buying the Nivea shaving gel. The shaving gel at the regular price was $3.89 but for Beauty Days or whatever reason CVS is taking $2 off the gel making it $1.89 so I bought 2. I bought two body washes, too.

Bought 2 Nivea Body Wash $11.98
Bought 2 Nivea Shave Gel $3.78

Total = $15.76

Used (2) $1 Nivea Body Wash
Used (1) $5/$15 CRT

Total after coupons = $8.76

EBs Earned = $5

Notes: Both scanners were down in the store so we went over to the other CVS and I got a $3/$10 CRT. My coworker on her receipt got $4/$20 at the first CVS store and at the second CVS store she from the scanner she got $3/$15 CRT.

As a side note…I came home and the Nestle’s Back to School w/coupons calendar arrived!!!