I’m Glad I Used My Rewards Today💰

Most weekdays, I get into my car around 10 a.m. to drive to the park to go take my daily walks. Sometimes, I will stop by a store while I’m still fresh, on my way to the park, if I want to do a quick little deal.  I actually stopped by the Target North Park neighborhood store as the Target app said that the FREE Peet’s Iced Coffee was right at my neighborhood Target store which is rare. This is a fairly new store and the store is a miniature version of a regular Target store but the prices are higher at this store because the prices are geared towards those that are visiting North Park for the day or evening or local residents that are too lazy to go Vons or the Target in Mission Valley and they are willing to pay the higher price.

Anyways, I stopped in that store and I couldn’t find the Peet’s so I proceeded to the park and I walked around the water.

I then stopped by the Target in Mission Valley which and although, the app was once again saying that the Peet’s drink was in the Beverage aisle, I couldn’t find them. I showed an employee the app showing that the drinks was supposed to be in store and he pulled out his portable scanner and off he went. He came back and I swear, they had them hanging on the side on the side of an endcap.

I went through self check out and scanned my bar code and I used my Target Circle Earnings and I ended up getting the Peet’s Iced Coffee for free not even charging me for the tax nor CRV.  I’m glad I used my Store Rewards! I got super lucky and I assume that it was some sort glitch.

Yes, I got back $2.70 Ibotta rebate and the $0.75 any Item bonus.


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