In my area, there’s 229,456 people

As many of you know that I live in the city of San Diego in the neighborhood of North Park.  The city is made up of a lot neighborhoods and there is some neighborhoods that are missing from the little chart above but I assume the other neighborhoods do not have the virus.

Downtown San Diego literally sits on the water and when I drive downtown, I drive west towards the water without having to get on the freeway.  I can take University Ave to 6th Ave (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Ralphs, Whole Foods, Sprouts are within a half a mile of University & 6th) all the way downtown. When I was on jury duty, I took the bus downtown because the bus comes literally every 10 minutes in my area.

So, within District 3 of San Diego, we have 229,456 people and to put that into context, we have 1.426 million people live in the city of San Diego.  I’ve said before that I live in a  highly densely populated area. The city bus runs in my area which includes the neighborhoods shown in the picture 5 a.m. – 2 a.m.

I think last week, we had 241 people with the coronavirus.  However, with physical distancing, we was able to avoid thousands of people getting the virus.

All those neighborhoods that you see above are very close to me and we don’t have a $.99 Store or Dollar Tree or Walmart between here and downtown.

My neighbors across the neighborhoods were diligent about wearing their masks and not  having these huge gatherings.

Obviously, we are having warmer weather and the experts had predicted that the virus would dissipate.

I am waiting for these people to relax and go to the beach while I scoop up more of the essential items for when the virus return with the cooler weather.


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