Is the Rite Aid Bonus Cash Going Away???

As most of you know that I do very little Rite Aid shopping since their switch to their Bonus Cash loyalty program back in January of this year.

Back when I started couponing in 2008, Rite Aid had a totally different loyalty program called the Single Check Rebate (SCRs) and yes, they would actually send you a check which you could cash the check in the store or at your bank or buy whatever wanted inside Rite Aid with the check.  Rite Aid had all kinds of promotions like the Gift of Savings on top of the SCRs and the Rite Aid gift cards that you could earn.

Then came the +Up Rewards loyalty program, it was a let down from the SCR program.

Rite Aid then switched to the Plenti Points program and we loved that loyalty program because was so much freedom of not have to roll your store rewards before they expired.

The ratchet Bonus Cash program is kind of a reinvention of the +Up Rewards program.

However, yesterday, a reader, Amber, was told by her cashier that Rite Aid will be doing away with the Bonus Cash program and it will be gone by July!!!!!!!!!!

We will have to wait and see. 🙂  Maybe, Rite Aid will bring back the Single Check Rebate.

The picture above is for entertainment purposes only, I do not know what will be the next loyalty program at Rite Aid.

Pic by I Heart Rite Aid circa 2010