Is Walgreens Just Loosing Their Minds???

1Walgreens is probably my least favorite store to shop out of the three drugstores.  But Walgreens is pulling a page out of Rite Aid’s Corporate Memo Page’s with the above memo (see 3/12/1 Update above).

If it is a “regulatory” issue then the writer of their policy should have just said that instead of using “Extreme Couponers” as Scapegoats for their screw ups.  If an ordinary consumer sees a great deal, they will stock up without using coupons.  We have been to a drugstore and seen someone drop $100 or $200 without using a loyalty or a coupon.

I think Walgreens Corporate Management is going plum Crazy!

Phota Source: Coupon Like a Man


  • Gee March 21, 2013, 03:21

    I remember last year or the year before walgreens sent lots of coupons to a certain Mfr to redeem, the Mfr did not want to pay for them because all of them looked similar and there were just too many to pay for. They accused Wals of machine cutting them, which led to the Mfr winning the case. I’m guessing Wals is trying to protect themselves from another Mfr not paying.

  • JustD March 21, 2013, 10:31

    Yeah… it was here that you read this.