The USNS Mercy is usually docked at Naval Base San Diego and when it was in port, I’d see it almost everyday I went into work.  It’s a huge ship and helicopter can land on it’s deck. The USNS Mercy is now Los Angeles because it is the largest city in the state of California.

I looked at the picture above as the tugboats are guiding the USNS Comfort into where she is supposed to be is an amazing feat.  When I used to work at North Island aka Naval Base Coronado, I used to watch in awe how those tugboats would “park” those huge ships.

Most Americans don’t realize that there is a whole civilian workforce that is working behind the scenes making sure that USNS Mercy  and USNS Comfort is ready to go at a moments notice!  When I had read that the USNS Comfort was dry dock for maintenance and it was being called up for the CoronaVirus, the civilian workforce at NAVSEA had to get everything in place for that ship to move – the ship must be replenished with food, supplies and medical supplies as their military counterparts was filling that ship with the appropriate medical personnel and the ship’s crew.

When the media started talking about the hospital ships going to Los Angeles and New York, I mentioned to my brother my experiences onboard USS Ronald Regan and my brother was like “You never told us what exactly you did but we knew that you was always busy and I see why!”

If you are in San Diego or even in Southern California, and you have an opportunity to go onboard a Naval Ship or go to the USS Midway museum do so.

I’ve worked for all three military branches of service.


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