It’s Okay to have Nothing to Do

Every time that I run into someone  at work that I have not seen in awhile and I tell them that I am retiring in July, the first thing that they ask me is what am I going to do with my time.  I, personally, find it such an odd question because when both of my parents retired from the workforce in their mid-50’s, they did absolutely nothing.  My son was still very young and they were so happy to be the built in babysitter for my son.  My parents was not interested in travel because they had literally lived in three different countries because my dad had been in the military.

It’s okay to have nothing to do.

We live in society that says you must go, go, go to stay ahead but it didn’t always used to be like that.  I think that when you have down time and relax your mind that you think more clearly and you end up being more productive then being in a wolf pack mentality.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes you do have work within the wolf pack mentality when you need to make sure that you mortgage is paid, food on the table, and your car is running properly but it’s also about keeping a balance between work and rest.


  • tina April 26, 2018, 11:49

    Hi Mrs. B,
    Thank you for you wise posts. I agree with your words. But….
    I hope you keep the blog running after you retire. I check it every day and sometimes more than once 🙂
    BTW, I was not using ibotta until today. I signed up using your referral link

    • Tammy April 26, 2018, 22:07

      Ditto to what Tina said!

      I hope one day that I will be blessed enough to be able to do nothing and to retire. How ironic that right before I read your post I read this post that was circulating on FB that sums it up for me:
      “I keep hearing people talk about
      what they are going to do when they retire.

      I’m gonna have to work right up to lunch
      on the day of my funeral”