Yes, it’s Saturday and it’s been a long and busy week. But now is the time to go through your coupons and do some coupon matching. Read some coupons blogs (or course, my blog, too!) to help you do your matching. There are allot of good resources out there, you just got to make the effort to look. Also, if you are not sure if an item is on sale, do a price check first so that you are not caught off guard at checkout. If for some reason, a cashier will not let you use a coupon, do not be discouraged instead be a sauvy shopper and have the clerk void that product off of your receipt. Remember, you want to use the coupon on the sale item so that you can get the biggest bang for your Buck. Also note, which stores in your area are “coupon unfriendly” and do not frequent that store. For example, I have two CVS stores that I frequent, I know that the CVS store on University and 805 do not even blink at coupons, they just push the coupons through. However, the Point Loma CVS store, there is an older lady there that actually scruntize and questions the coupons…and I avoid her!

So, go through your coupons and do some matchups. I do not cut out coupons until I am ready to use them. I leave my coupons in the inserts and just write the date on the insert and file it away. It’s the way I keep oraganized!