I’ve Got the High Blood Pressure

Yesterday, I went back to the doctor as a follow up to my emergency room visit and I had a great Indian doctor (he’s from India) and he was very blunt.  He showed me on my digital chart that I’ve had high blood pressure for years (like 8 years).  He was like you must go on medication.  He explained that high blood pressure can cause stroke, heart attacks, kidney problems and all kinds of stuff.  He also recommended that I take medication to lower my cholesterol even though I’ve not taken the blood test, yet, to check my cholesterol levels.

I have Kaiser for my health care provider and the biggest problem with Kaiser is that the doctors are in constant rotation of coming and going.  In all these years, of going to Kaiser did any of the doctor say that they needed to put on high blood pressure medication.

The doctor that I saw yesterday is not my regularly assigned doctor but Kaiser was trying to get me in as quickly as possible for a follow-up appointment.

The doctor also informed me from my emergency room visit and the MIR/CT scan, they found something else but the doctor wants to talk to the pulmonary specialist and another specialist and order more tests.

I have a rare condition called Sarcoidosis which impacts mostly the heart and lungs but I’ve not had symptoms in many years.

Another oddity that I found out is that when I got my tubes tied, it seems that they used a pin or staple to tie my tubes and the pin or staple have come undone and the pin or staple floating around may have caused some damage.  This is from the MIR/CT scan so the doctor must now consult the OB/GYN.

Lots of doctor appointments and testing in my future.  On of the more interesting things that the doctor told me, yesterday, that I had to give up caffeine because it causes high blood pressure!  I told him that I only drink a half a cup of coffee a day and a half can of soda.  For some odd reason, I cannot completely finish a drink that’s why I love having bottled water because it doesn’t need to be hot or super cold to drink.

Anyways, I’m also going to amp up my walking routine because I need to get my weight down so that I can get off the high blood pressure pills.


  • Christina February 22, 2019, 12:04

    I hope you get your heart back on track and feel better soon! I have similar issues and should be taking high cholesterol medicine, but I stopped. It wasn’t making me feel right and I’m just not a good pill taker if that makes sense. I hate having to resort to medication but then again I’m not making any changes to my diet. Reading your story reminds me how I really have to focus on lowering my caffeine intake (I drink about 4 cups a day!) and eat a healthier, low fat, low cholesterol diet. It’s so freaking hard. I keep falling into the same trap saying I’m just treating myself this time and then I get off track. I really hope you can stay focused on your health and thank you for making me remember that I have to prioritize my own. <3

    • Ms. B. February 22, 2019, 12:55

      Christina, go back to the doctor and ask for alternate medication. Surprisingly, I took my medication, last night, I feel pretty good today. I know they say that some of the high blood pressure meds make you feel sleepy but I feel fine. I thought I was eating healthy, I eat mostly chicken, I don’t fry any foods, I have fruit or vegetables with my meals BUT I have I do love sweets. I need to be more active and I have no excuse. I’m drinking decaf green tea to replace the coffee.

  • Jill February 22, 2019, 22:50

    It amazes me that Doctors always feel the need to act on these things once people have entered into retirement. Shortly after my dad retired they told him his blood pressure was high and that the only solution was meds. He has always been thin, drinks very infrequently, doesn’t smoke and walks a couple miles everyday, yet they keep him on the meds. Of course as we age our bodies begin to show signs or wear and tear from our youthful days, but why must meds always be the answer. Use the bp machine in rite aid, its very accurate on weight & bp. If you dload the app u can compete in challenges, keep track of your bp & weight & win prizes, but u don’t have to. I have won a couple $25 giftcards when I was putting in 10-15 thousand steps a day. I hope that they are able to get a handle on your health concerns so that you can peacefully enjoy retirement and your family & friends.

    • Ms. B. February 23, 2019, 08:00

      Jill, the medical system makes their money off older people because young people’s bodies are not damaged (yet) from years of abuse. Both my mom and dad is/was (my dad has passed) super thin, my dad had high blood pressure, whereas, my mom did not. My dad was a “snacker” he literally ate all day and he must have naturally had a high metabolism to be thin but my mom ate 3 hearty meals a day but she didn’t snack because she was always watch her weight and another thing about my mom is that she loved to eat onions and we now know that there are health benefits of eating raw onions.