I’ve Gotta Walk Back my Words (RCBs)

Yesterday, I wrote about how Ralphs had Pulled the GoodPops, Tic Tac & Fage but this morning, I checked my Ralph’s account and the money was credited to my account without any intervention on my part. HOWEVER, the redeemed rebates that I saw yesterday has disappeared but honestly, I’m not sure if this type of thing has been happening of disappearing redeemed rebates has been like this the whole time because I don’t normally wait until the last day to do deals.

I activated the rebate offers early in the day but when I went Ralphs around 7 or 7:30 pm, I didn’t go back and check to see if the rebates was still available.

Whatever that was shown as redeem yesterday is now gone and I’m now too lazy to go look at MY PURCHASES to see what I’d purchased. Yesterday, they added $3 to my account and today, I have $15 and change in my account and I’m now overpaid because I used the popsicles as filler item for the Mega Sale and I grabbed the Ralphs bottled water 32 ct for $1.99 which was on Mega, too.

This morning, I’m stopping by Ralphs to see if they have GoodPops in the orange flavor since it’s showed back up in my account! 🙂


  • Nick June 30, 2020, 11:25

    Regarding the Goodpops: I especially want to encourage those of you with kids (or grandkids) to try this product. We bought the orange and the chocolate, though other stores have a few other flavors as options. The orange tasted delightfully unsweet, which means it did not taste like a frozen block of frozen sugar water. Instead, you taste actual orange from juice. An ideal way to give the kids a treat which will nourish them instead of making them hyper and contributing to obesity.

    • Ms. B. June 30, 2020, 15:09

      I went to 2 different Ralphs and they were completely wiped of the orange popsicles. The watermelon popsicles has chunks of watermelon inside. 🙂