Johnson & Johnson Rebate in the 1/6 Inserts

1According to the Rite Aid ad for the week of 1/6, there will be a Johnson & Johnson wyb $10 in First Aid Items get a $5 Rebate!

Thank goodness, the rebate items are part of the Rite Aid 50th Anniversary promotion and a spend $30 on select items get a $10 +Up!

HOWEVER, if my memory serves me correctly, Johnson & Johnson only pays actual out of pocket on their rebates.  This means they will only pay a rebate after coupons and +Up Rewards.  Therefore, you would need to use one of those gift cards that you got for Christmas to buy $10 worth of the Johnson & John First Aid items to get the rebate.

If you have a friendly relationship with your Rite Aid Store and they don’t mind, you can always do a “Return and Re-Buy” so that you can get a clean receipt that does not show the coupons and the +Up Rewards used so you can submit for the rebate. 

I will definitely have a scenario up later this week.