Joint Juice BOGO Coupon…

I am trying to remember when I order coupons to post it just in case someone else wants to order coupons, too, for an upcoming deal!

This morning, I ordered Joint Juice BOGO coupons which came in the Smart Source 6/6 insert.  Sadly, the L.A. Times did not get this coupon, we got a $2 Joint Juice Q.  I got 20 JJ coupons for $1 plus .86 cents shipping.

Why did I order JJ coupons?  The week of 8/22 at Rite Aid, they will have Joint Juice on BOGO $5.99, therefore, making it FREE.

The Joint Juice will be a filler item.

The week of 8/22 there will be lots of SCR items and I will need a filler to use my $5/$25’s!!!

If you decide to order the Joint Juice BOGO Q’s I would advise that you do so NOW before the prices shoot up.


  • Maria- Oh Lovely Coupons August 13, 2010, 18:37

    yey! Thank you :)) I just order 10 for $1.39 thats 20 free 6ct packs :O super! my mom actually started taking these when i got them free at Vons and then Target then Walgreens LOL and she said she felt a difference she has a lot of knee problems

  • Ms Benjamins August 13, 2010, 18:46

    My glad you got the coupons!

  • Ms Benjamins August 13, 2010, 18:47

    I meant to say "Im glad you got the coupons" LOL