Kimberley Clark Coupon Book…

There’s a coupon book out there for Kimberly-Clark products (Huggies, Viva, Cottonelle, Kleenex). The form is in Spanish and the coupons come to your mailbox. Click Here to fill out form.

Coupons, Deals and More” posted the following information if your Spanish is not too good. The coupons are in Spanish and in English and come in great denominations like 55¢/1 Kleenex!

Nombre – first name
Apellido – last name
Dirección- address
Ciudad – city
Estado – state
Código Postal – zip code
País de origen – country of origin: (enter Estados Unidos)
Sexo – M (hombre) or F (mujer)
Año de Nacimiento – year of birth
Estado Civil – married, single, divorced, widowed
Correo electrónico – your email address

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