Last Night…

Yesterday, was another rough day at work.  I am use to it being busy this time of year in my office but this year is different b/c of inept staff.  Because of our staffing issues this has caused me to work in the mode of being always two steps behind.

After work, another co-worker and I stopped in Old Town for Margaritas.  I ate 2 tacos.  Then I stopped by my old neighborhood to visit some Somolian friends.  These people, are very friendly and open and every time you stop there…you have to prepare to eat.  I guess in Somolia, if you go into someone’s home you HAVE to eat something.

I realized last night, that they want the American Dream just like everyone else.  They are facinated by all things American.  They only talk to their kids in English b/c they want them to have an accent.  Of course, me being me, I’m always interested in learning from people of different cultures and backgrounds…it’s probably b/c as a child, I lived in other countries.  I know how it is to live in another country and be considered “the foreigner”….”the Americans”…LOL

If you ever have an opportunity to travel outside of the US, do it.

Anyways, I said all that to say that after eatting tacos, salsa and Somolian foods, I had really bad heartburn.  There was no way, I was gonna make it home without having some sort of antacid.  So, I stopped by CVS got a cheap box of Zantac 8ct.

I paid and at the end of my receipt, I GOT A $4/$20!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you get one?