Look At What I Got in the Mail…

It was just a few days ago that I was thinking to myself “I haven’t gotten my $50 Sears gift card?”  I get home from work and what did I get in the mail…the $50 Sears gift card!

But good grief, the gift card expires 10/29/10 so it’s only good for about 6 weeks. 

I guess you have use or loose it.

I must say this was an excellent deal on the Sears gift card b/c I got $20 in Extra Bucks from CVS for buying two $50 Sears gift cards, I already had a $25 Sears gift card previously ended up doing a return on one of the gift cards and keeping the $20 in EBs…and still qualifying for the $50 Sears gift card!

Only bad thing is the gift card is only good on Mens Apparel and not Womens.  Oh well, more clothes for my son!  LOL