Look At What I Got in the Mail…

I must say that Couponers are some of the most generous people in the world.  Today, during lunch, a very kind and generous friend, gave me a $1/1 Kraft coupon AND the Rite Aid Coupon Booklet!  Is that super nice or what???  It absolutely made my day!

After work, I stopped by my Post Office box to check the mail.  It was the first time this week that I had to check it.  I was shocked to see a handwritten envelope from Rite Aid and it was the $5 RA gift card, the manager at the Adams Ave store had promised me…the postmark date was March 17th…the day after the fire!  The gift card had been floating around the postal service all this time.  I figured that it had been returned to sender since it was a couple of days in which I had no postal address. 

Me and one of the managers of that store had had a heated discussion about using an Adperk coupon and I called Corporate to file a complaint since that mgr was trying to tell me that it was a “manufacturer coupon” and I told her that if she can take over across the streets to Vons and use it there than I would back down.
The store mgr, Dennis, is super nice BUT his staff is crazy! LOL

I also got a FREE full-sized compact from Covergirl…some kind of Facebook offer but no coupon.

In addition, I got another $2 Stopain coupon and more RA coupons from Rite Aid. YAY!