Look for Clearance Tags at the Drugstore

Every time, I go into CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens, I always look for the clearance tags.  Last month, when I stumbled upon the clearance tomato paste at CVS, I almost jumped for joy b/c tomato based products have become sooooo expensive.

I remember two or three years ago, I found the floss picks on clearance at Walgreens for like .19 cents…you can’t beat that with a stick.

So, while you are out and about doing your drugstore deals…take your time and look around…walk the aisles, you may also find a tearpad or a peelie or two.

Even when things are not on my list, yes, I normally carry a list of items that I am to get b/c I can’t remember everything at particular store that I am suppose to get (lol), if I see an item at a great price, I will get it.  The purpose of couponing is to get great deals and save money and it not necessary to always have a Money Maker trip.