Look What I Got in the Mail…

I got to work around 7 am this morning and when I opened up my emails…all HELL had broken a loose with a new hot and urgent project that I had been assigned.  I was suprised no one had called me home on Friday to warn me or at least give me a heads up.

Needless to say, I was at work much longer than I had planned…and I was the only one in the office which always gives me the creeps.  Our office is not in the best part of town. 

After work, I stopped by my PO Box to check the mail and low and behold I saw an envelope from Rite Aid.  I thought it was some sort of coupon or something like that.  I opened the envelope and they had sent me another $5 Gift Card for the Skin Care SCR. 

I had that people were complaining to the SCR folks that it was taking a long, long time to receive their gift cards and I guess they decided to send out the $5 gift cards to placate the masses.

Another nice suprise that I received was my June SCR check!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I’m rolling in the money! (hehehe)