Look What I Got in the Mail Today…

I have been shopping at CVS every since Sav-On stores became CVS stores in my neighborhood.  I guess maybe 4 or 5 years ago.  In all that time, I don’t think I have EVER received any kind of mailer from CVS.

Well, today was the day and I received a mailer from CVS…for my PO Box address…LOL  I never imagined that having a PO Box could be profitable.  I got the PO Box right after the fire so that my replacement driver’s license could list an address and be sent there by DMV. 

Anyways, some how the Mission Valley CVS has my info and sent me a mailer for (2) $25 New or Transferred Prescription gift cards and a $5/$30!!!!  Okay, these ain’t all that great…but I’m excited b/c they may send me some great coupons…some day…since I’m some how on their radar.  I assume that they have me as a new resident to the area?  I don’t know.

Also, earlier, I stopped by the CVS near my apartment for my allergy prescription and I got another $4/$20 and 3 other CVS CRTs that I’m not really interested in using…unless an Extra Bucks deal is in play in the next couple of weeks!

Actually, over the next 3 weeks, CVS will have some FREE after Extra Bucks items combining them with a manufacturer’s coupon should make for profitable deals…along with the $4/$20’s!!!!  LOL