Mail Box

I was kinda excited when I got these two freebies in my mail box!

The full sized Goof Off Miracle Remover is something that we can all use in our home.  It says that it removes “label/tape residue, grease, oil, marker, crayon and more”.  I cannot to wait to use this product b/c I hate when I buy a present and cannot get the price sticker off of the product.  I remember once, I had bought a set of four Waterford Tumblers for a House Warming gift (from the Carlsbad Outlet) and each glass had the Waterford sticker on them.  I tried getting those stickers off and I had a heck of time getting those things off so I am looking forward to trying the Goof Off product.

Earlier this month, I qualified for a coupon for a FREE L’Oreal Hair Color (up to $9.99) and the coupon does not expire until 3/31/13!!!!!!!

I received the coupon from the L’Oreal Gold Rewards Program.