Mail Box Goodie!!!

Yes! I received my $5 gift card from P&G for my purchase of the Olay body wash at Walgreens!!!  I love when you get a $10 Money Maker for making a purchase that I can use and needed for my stockpile.  I am making sure that we are stocked with personal care items like body wash, hair care and cold and flu items because I do not want to be paying full retail price for stuff when they do another shelter in place because the Coronavirus is out of control when the weather gets colder that I can get now for a Money Maker, FREE or cheap.

I got the gift card and I tried to activate the gift card and whoever entered my zip code to the gift card entered it incorrectly so I couldn’t activate.  Also, the phone number on the white sticky paper on the card is also incorrect.  So, I’ll be calling P&G 1-877-665-1527 to get the matter resolved.

I tried the number on the card again and I was able to activate the card, I must have entered the wrong number earlier. However, I also tried their website but I was still unable to activate via their website.

You can check the status of your P&G rebate HERE.