Mail Box Goodie!!!

I had come home and there was a box sitting on the living room table.  I could see that the box was from a car company but I swear could not think why they were sending me something.  I kinda halfway recalled that I had signed up for something free but honestly I could not remember what I had signed up to get.

I was like a little kid, all excited.  I ran into the bedroom to get something to open up the box.

As soon as, I opened the box, I remembered that I had signed up for a FREE bag of Tundra Power Coffee. I’m thinking the bag of coffee is about 8 oz.  I was also thinking to myself that the bag of coffee would make a great gift for anyone that is trucks or car collectables.


  • Cheryl July 10, 2018, 19:09

    my husband drives a Tundra so he should get a kick out of the coffee

  • Ms. B. July 13, 2018, 05:19

    Cheryl, I thought anyone that is into cars or trucks would love the coffee even if they are not coffee drinkers! 🙂