I think it was on Friday, I checked my mail box and I received a rebate check in the amount of $5.54 from General Mills.  It was a TRY ME FREE Rebate with a list of foods to buy and try:

Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Yogurt (up to $1.50)
Yoplait Simplait (up to $1.05)
Green Giant Seasoned Steamers (up to $3.45)
Yoplait Greek Smoothie (up to $3.45)
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (up to $4)
Betty Crocker Shake-n-Pour Dessert Mix (up to $4)
Progresso Light Soup (up to $3.10)
Progresso Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce (up to $2.85)
Apple Cinnamon Chex (up to $3.90)
Fiber One Nutty Clusters and Almonds Cereal (up to $5.05)
Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks (up to $3.45)
Fiber One Chewy Bars (up to $4.50)

I bought six of the items and I used coupons on the items but there was a strange requirement that you must print UPC numbers on the cash register receipt.  If you have ever looked seriously at a grocery store receipt, it really is impossible to write the UPC number underneath the product, there’s just not enough room to do so, although, I did give it my best try.

Needless to say, I will not be submitting any more rebates for General Mills b/c their odd rebate requirements is a joke!  No bueno.


  • Barb November 27, 2012, 17:15

    Wow I am surprised that is all you got…I did this and used coupons and I received check for $26.56.

    • admin November 27, 2012, 17:23

      It’s weird how they only paid the $5 and change but I am glad that you got a NICE rebate check! 🙂

  • p. November 28, 2012, 07:55

    how much should you have gotten back?

    • admin November 28, 2012, 16:27

      It should have been around $18 and change.