Meryl’s Great CVS Haul!

IMG_20130126_181351I love reading about great hauls and what they got!  A reader, Meryl, sent me an email about her fabulous trip to CVS last week.  I wanted to post Meryl’s shopping trip to inspire others.

Meryl was able to take advantage of the CVS Nivea glitch, she spent $10 and got $30 Extra Bucks.  She then rolled the $30 Extra Bucks into a $10 CVS Cash Card by buying 7 cans of Yuban Decaffeinated Coffee which is normally $10 each but on sale for $3.99.  Meryl then rolled her $10 CVS Cash Card into something she really, really wanted and that was the Starbucks Coffee!!!  She also was able to get a FREE Triple Antibiotic Ointment courtesy of the CVS Diabetes Program.

Meryl did an awesome job!  Thanks, Meryl, for sharing.


  • Meryl January 28, 2013, 10:36

    Actually i got 10 cans of yuban decaf which is rarely on sale and usually sells for at least 6.50 so SCORE!!! Thanks Roz 🙂

  • Meryl January 28, 2013, 10:39

    Oops and the coffee was on sale for 2.99 so after cash card is like 2/can- an excellent price on its own!

  • Gee January 28, 2013, 18:58

    How did you get the free ointment from the diabetes program? Is it from the diabetes program email or did it print on the receipt?

    The CVS stores in my area are very small and only have a limited supply of items like one or two of each item so I probably wouldn’t be able to do multiples like how you got 9 decafs unless I go to the big one that is 20 miles away. Good job on the deal though looks great.

    • Meryl January 28, 2013, 19:55

      Thanks Gee- I have never seen that much coffee stock in my store either. I was at work and the store near my office must stock more- and they said they had just gotten a shipment!

      Roz put the link in the post to get the $5 ecbs for the diabetes promo. It will take you to the cvs site where you will put in your card # and email address and they will email the $5 ecbs to print out. Just don’t print until ready to use. Mine had expired the day before and thank goodness they took it. I think it said to use on healthcare but that’s a serious stretch- I mean, hey coffee is healthcare to ME! 😉