Meryl’s World Market Coffee Deal

I love a good cup of coffee and it’s a part of my morning routine.  I tried switching to drinking tea in the morning but it’s not the same as drinking a cup of coffee.  I wanted to post this deal today as I know a lot of you will be going back to work on Monday.  Kona coffee is one of my favs but World Market have like 10 different coffee flavors!

A reader, Meryl, let me know about an awesome coffee deal at World Market and below is what Meryl has to say:

I wanted to tell you about a coffee deal at World Market. I’m really excited to try this because the reviews are great and I love my coffee! So I got this 20% off coupon for 4th of July. I am a Rewards Member. They do send these coupons I’m going to say a few times a year? Anyway I found they sell 3- 24 oz bags of coffee beans their brand for about $30. With the 20% off its $24. You reserve online and pick up at customer service which could not be easier! Of course I shop through a deal site,  Be Frugal has 8% cash back. I will grind only one of the bags in store for freshness.

A regular size bag of coffee is 12 oz. It’s $4/ bag since their bags are 24 oz and the standard bag is half that at 12oz and if you factor in your cash back.  I love stocking up so this saves me on trips to the store for more coffee.

And because I’m away thinking about gifting you can make up smaller bags like 6 oz and pair with a package of cookies (buying with the coupon of course!) and have a great little gift for under $5. I probably would leave the beans whole for gifting.

You can get  a 15% coupon if sign up for the World Market Rewards.  Meryl is like an ultimate shopper and when you see her leave a comment, you’d better check it out!

Thanks, Meryl!


  • Meryl July 8, 2019, 14:24

    You’re so sweet, Roz! Such an honor, thank you!! 🙂

    • Ms. B. July 8, 2019, 17:41

      Meryl, you find the most interesting deals! Thank you! 🙂