Money Matters…

First, things, first…I found my missing receipt!!!!!!!!!!!  It had some how slipped under my bed.  As soon as, I realized I had the receipt, I logged into my SCR acct and entered the receipt and it cleared instantly.  It was nice seeing that extra $20 in my acct.  I now have $58 and some change in my SCR acct and today is only the 9th.

Not too many SCRs nor +Up Rewards in the new ad so it will be a slow Rite Aid week.

Now, onto my television situation.  About 3 weeks ago, I had bought a couple of $50 Sears gift cards at CVS and received a (2) $10 Extra Bucks for doing so.  I bought the TVs and I thought I was “won and done” but that wasn’t the case.  I was talking to a friend about it and he almost lost his mind b/c he said for the TV to be that cheap it had to be a discontinued model and if something happened then the burden would be on me to have the TV shipped to a facility to be fixed.

I ended up cancelling the delivery of the TV and I received back on my credit card those (2) $50 Sears gift cards!!!!!!!!!  So, in essence, I got the (2) $10 Extra Bucks for FREE.

He did all the research for me on another TV and found a deal on and it was FREE shipping and NO TAX.  However, the catch was that it was going to take 10 days for the TV to arrive.  The TV finally arrived this past Tuesday BUT there was a problem with the cable outlet in the livingroom BUT the cable guy will be today between 3-5. 

So, tonight, it looks like I’ll finally be able to watch TV in my livingroom!  LOL