Money Matters…

I was so happy to check my mail yesterday and I had received the TWO $3 SCR rebate checks!

One for the Pantene deal and the other one for the Nice & Easy.

Did you get yours?


  • Maria Lopez July 14, 2010, 02:23

    i got mine too!! woohooo im still waiting for my $25 gc for the allergy rebate. i still need $10 to get the gift of savings. yes i know im taking a long time :/

  • Ms Benjamins July 14, 2010, 02:54

    Maria, it always take a little longer to get gift cards/certificates when it's closer to the end of a gift card/certificate SCR b/c so many ppl are requesting them at the same time.

    Next week, the Garnier Facial Wipes will be FREE or almost free and those qualify for the Skin Care rebate.

    Maria, I still have my $25 & $5 gift cards from doing the Skin Care rebate b/c I haven't had to use them b/c of the +Up Rewards I have been getting.